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Here's what clients have to say:

“Stephanie Kallos brings the rare combination of enthusiasm, honesty, and encouragement to every encounter. She is sensitive to the difficulties of the creative process, and treats each writer with care and respect. I always walk away from a meeting with her feeling more inspired.” Jay McAleer, short story writer and participant in the Jack Straw Writers Program, 2013.    

"Ever want to discuss your process with a positive, insightful (and also battle-scarred) writer who plies you with tea, sympathy and straightforward advice? I found Stephanie Kallos' assistance extremely helpful; she has this wonderful mix of kindness, intelligence and experience that was exactly what I (not to mention my manuscript) needed." Kit Bakke, award-winning author of Dancing on the Edge and Miss Alcott's E-mail.

"Stephanie Kallos understands plot, pathos, and precision.  She has an eye for the narrative arc of any piece and will push you to find the right words and form for your creative work.  And the amazing thing is that she does this all gently and with humor, in a way that makes you feel energized and ready to dig back in to make your writing the best it can be.”  Kate Carroll de Gutes, winner 2016 Oregon Book Award for Nonfiction and Lambda Literary Award for Memoir for Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.