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2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hi Samantha,
    I have read your website posts and am so excited to have found you through Life Coach Tarra Riley (I have sent you a direct email a few minutes ago before finding your website through GOOGLE). I would love to join your workshops or programs but I reside in Vancouver. Do you offer any online courses or exercises either in a group or individually?
    I don’t like to beg but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :)!!! This sounds just like what the Doc ordered.
    Thanks for your consideration. I have lots of weird, wild and wonderful stories to share :)


    • Thank you Wendy! I am working on your suggestion of an online course! Hopefully one will be coming your way soon! I noticed your name is Wendy the “Wishful” Writer…what I have to say about that is, are you writing? If you are writing at all…then it is no longer wishful. You need not be published to be considered a writer. Writers write. Publishing is merely someone else’s approval of you, and an helpful way to get people to read your stuff. I look forward to chatting with you!!!


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